Using the Latest Technology to Save Lives

State of the art technology for breast imaging continues to be the standard at the Connie Dwyer Breast Center at Trinitas Regional Medical Center. A new 3-D tomosynthesis mammogram machine now provides both advanced images and the capability for a 3-D guided biopsy. “density a woman has in her breast, the more likely that a small lesion could go unseen by 2-D imaging,” says Dr. Dipti Panday, lead breast imaging radiologist. “3-D imaging allows us to spread the tissue out ANSI lesions working underneath.”

Another benefit of that technology is fewer patient callbacks. “in the past, women might get asked to come back for a second mammogram, and it turned out to just be normal breast tissue,” says Dr. Pandya. “With 3-D imaging, we can figure that out in advance and eliminate unnecessary return visits. That helps reduce patient anxiety.”

Having access to a breast surgeon right in the center a few days a week also enhances Communication with radiologists regarding breast cancer issues. “It creates a much more hands-on and interactive link between the imagers and a breast surgeon, which is very important for providing the highest level of patient care,” says Dr. Pandya.